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lotus yoga



A client with lomg term Cardio-vascular issue

"The quality of the teaching was of a very high standard and I was impressed by the way Julie was able to assess and tweak even my smallest moves, all the time asking questions to ensure maximum comfort. All written instructions were clear and assessed every week. I have an interest in meditation and Julie personalised my practice by providing audio material."

A client living with Spastic Diplegia

"Julie spends a good amount of time understanding any issues, preferences and experiences.Through the therapy, we were able to identify different practices that could be adopted to fit my capability and also specific poses to target specific reoccurring concerns. I found that a couple of poses regularly practiced seemed to reduce a certain strain that I would get. It also provided a great opportunity to try and adapt different practices and create a sequence that would fit into my life. Julie is a fantastic teacher – and I hope we continue to see each other!"

A client with Chronic Lower back pain

"I felt like I was actually working on the problem, opening up the problem, and not just covering it up with painkillers. Working on the longevity of the healing process. I see yoga as a self-healing tool, becoming more aware of what’s going on inside of my body, so that way I can find out the right way to take care of it."



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